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Bringing together community to protect safe access for swimmers in Fremantle.

Beach fight! from Fremantle Herald
Collecting signature on teh petition - December 2015

About the SFBA

The Save Freo Beaches Alliance was formed in 2008, in response to the WA Department for Planning and Infrastructure’s proposed ‘Three Harbours’ policy, which would have laid the groundwork for a massive marina development off Fremantle.

To dismiss this plan, Save Freo Beaches presented to State Parliament a petition with 6,665 signatures that led to the abandonment of the Three Harbours proposal.

In 2013, Save Freo Beaches also successfully lobbied – on behalf of the community that enjoy this much-loved part of South Beach – against a proposal by the Fremantle Sailing Club to construct a multi-use boat ramp at the northern end of the little South Beach dog beach.

Over the summer of 2015-16, Save Freo Beaches ran a strong campaign against the Department of Transport’s proposal to allow motorised vessel access to the northern end of South Beach dog beach, as part of the DoT’s Southern Metropolitan Aquatic Use Review. On behalf of the South Beach users, a petition of 10,471 signatures was presented to Parliament and, in March 2016, the final AUR was released, confirming that motorised vessels will be excluded from South Beach groyne to groyne!

We will continue to work with the community and all stakeholders to protect safe, public access to Fremantle’s precious remaining beaches.

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