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Collecting signature on teh petition - December 2015

Spirit of South Beach

Spirit of South Beach

Many supporters have joked that dogs and children should also be able to have their say on the future use of South Beach, and we’ve listened and agree!

On Saturday 23 January and Sunday 24 January between 8.30 – 11.30am, we’ll be giving everyone an opportunity to leave a handprint, footprint or pawprint and a message to let the Department of Transport know what South Beach means to us.

We will have rolls of calico, water-based paints and clean-up gear and intend to present the scroll to the DoT.

Local artists are also invited to contribute a small central piece on each of the six 10 metre scrolls.

The DoT’s survey on the Aquatic Use Review closes on 30 January 2016, so this is our last chance to make ourselves heard. Come along and join the fun!

If you haven’t already signed the petition or completed the online DoT survey, now is the time!


Updated: January 21, 2016 — 6:54 pm


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  1. Please don’t destroy your Freon beach, I was there a few years ago & loved i, the dolphins would come in while one was swimming, it’s is too beautiful. We plan another holiday there, it would be a put off having all that noise from the jet ski etc.

    1. Thanks for your support, Nathan! It’s a beautiful beach and we agree. We’re trying everything we can to preserve South Beach so that future generations can enjoy it.

  2. South Beach is a Regional/State Treasure.
    There is an urgent need for a group with the aim to work to have it recognized as such and ensure its protection not only from encroachment by watercraft but also from being used for inappropriate business events e.g. the recent Corona Beer music event on South Beach.

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