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Beach fight! from Fremantle Herald
Collecting signature on teh petition - December 2015

Sticking Up For Swimmers and Beach Users At South Beach

South beach is a beautiful place to swim.

Help us to keep it that way.

Updated: December 10, 2015 — 1:01 am


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  1. We totally object to any plan to give boats access to the dog beach adjacent to The South fremantle Yatch Club.
    This proposal has been soundly rejected before.Nothing has changed.
    It is totally ludicrous to take 130 m from an already small beach which is heavily patronised virtually all year. The introduction of boats will cause severe danger to swimmers, pollution from both power boats and sail boats, and it will become a health hazard.Woodman point is 10 mins away
    so what is the benefit-NONE

  2. Brian/Barbara Quinn

    This 30m of beach is the only place where non-swimmers/dog-owners can actually sit on a bench overlooking the sea/islands and enjoy the scenery and peaceful atmosphere. We are outraged that yet again the SFSC are trying to destroy this beautiful place let alone the DoT’s proposal that motor, sailing boats and jet skis be able to come to shore amongst swimmers & beach users. We are wondering if this total disregard for quiet enjoyment of nature is because of the recent spate of hideous eyesores that have been allowed to be built along Marine Terrace without any public consultation and therefore another government department reckons they too can get away with despoiling the amenities and Fremantle in general.

  3. To whom it may concern,

    Its rare that i miss a morning at the beach with my dog. Its one of my favorite places. I could easily write an essay on how much this beach means to me and my dog but I will save that for another time.
    So I want devote some of my time to helping you fight the good fight. Please contact me and let me know if i can help. I’m so ready and willing.

    0432 026 904

    1. Thanks Mare! First things first, is to go to the Department of Transport survey at and vote NO to Question 4, Proposal 1 with comment: ‘South Beach – Groyne to Groyne, Swimmers Only! No boats!’

      We are also petitioning Parliament to have South Beach gazetted as an exclusion zone in perpetuity, so come and see us to sign up! Thanks for your support.

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